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Shirt Dresses

Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses are here with their different trends of each season and timeless styles again.

There are some days in your life that you don’t know what to do about your style and which combinations to make, no matter how much you know about fashion! For those days, you should have the perfect one-piece beauty shirt dresses that can brighten up your day without a slightest help from anything else! But well of course also shirt dresses have some rules that by obeying them, you’ll get the most perfect look out of them. But how? What can we do to make that perfect combination? What accessories are the best to use with shirt dresses?

The lifesaving piece: oversized shirt dress

If you choose an oversized shirt dress for yourself, you’ll get a sportive/smart style and also comfortable feeling both at the same time. Oversized shirt dresses look wonderful with high heel sock boots or some ankle boots in a fantastic winter style with a woolen cardigan and with this style, you’ll be the most beautiful girl of anywhere you go. As the temperature rises in summer days a shirt dress would be very cool with sneakers or flats.

Long shirts and heels deuce

You can wear such a combination for an elegant night out. If you want to combine your shirt dress up with heels, the length of your shirt dress can ruin everything! How? It’s simple… by being too short. As we also see on the street fashion, while short shirt dresses go perfect with flats, the best height for a shirt dress with high heels is midi (knee height) dresses.

Which body style should wear which shirt style?

If you have wide shoulders, you can use a tight waist model shirt dress to make your waistline slimmer. For making a good balance between your waist and shoulders, cold shoulder shirt dresses or bardot ones would be ideal choices.

For broad and big hips, the A formed shirt dresses would be better. With the flowing bottom part of this style, your hips will get camouflaged and the focus will be dragged over your breasts with a nice breast décolleté. The ones which you should stay away from, are the ones with pockets in the lower part or the too short ones.

If you have a thin body, patterned fabrics like this year’s new trend the stripes and floral patterns, would make your body curves look plumper. And also you can choose pleated shirt dresses or the ones with pockets on their lower parts.

If you have a big tummy and a thick waist line, my suggestion for you is wearing the shirt dresses with a thin belt around your waist.

The best accessories for shirt dresses

The most fun part of wearing a simple shirt dress is enriching it with beautiful accessories. If you’re wearing a plain neutral coloured shirt dress, then the metallic tonalities would be the best choice on your accessories. While wearing bright and colourful shirt dresses, the giant necklaces will make you look amazing. The pastel colour tonalities will look great with some modest and classy necklaces. You can also wear different types of belts according to your shirt dress’s type and style.

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