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sequin dresses

Are you going to have a prom night? Are you thinking about what to wear on your friend’s wedding or engagement party? Here are the sequin dresses with their striking styles and shiny looks ready for you in femmeluxefinery vitrines. Although these mini sequined dresses can reflect the glam fashion but they have a totally different world for themselves. Now let’s get to know these fabulous pieces better with each other.

Sequin trend

Sequin dresses have been getting into the street style since 2017 and now is getting more and more trendy in 2018. Completely sequined forms are taking the rank from top half sequined dresses. Also there are these patterned sequin dresses with floral and geometric designs that are getting the world in hand. There are too many colours and styles on whole sequin designs. Blue, pink, silver, gold, grey, rose, nude, red, white and many other colours of these fancy dresses are available in different styles like slits, decolletes, mini, midi and maxi. You can find them in both bodycon and gown styles but if I were you, I would totally go with the bodycons. They are super stylish this season.

While Kim’s black shiny sequin dress can be perfect for an evening party, Eva Longoria’s gold mini sequin dress is perfect for an elegant night party. So you see that even sequins can differ time to time from style to style. So for a right and good choice, come alo9ng with us on this article…

Celeb styling do and don’ts

Do you remember Kyle’s mermaid green sequin mini dress? Who can even forget it? It was absolutely fantastic but, not for everyone! The wide cuts can easily transform you from your size to 2 or 3 size larger! And its deep plunge with the slit on its front part and wide shoulder cuts can make your breasts look very saggy and old! So wearing pieces like these needs more effort than other dresses because these kinds of dresses can look totally bad even on famous supermodels. But instead, her sister Kim’s gold square sequin low back dress can look awesome on almost anyone. Or a sweetheart sexy high slit red sequin dress like Angie’s can make anyone look as sexy as Angelina Jolie herself!

Sequin celeb styling bests

Here is my all-time favorite sequin dress celeb styling top 5:

5: Kim’s Egyptian style mini long sleeved sequin dress was one of the most extraordinary and also stylish dresses of all time. Its different but cool geometric patterns made her drop dead gorgeous!

4: Julianne Moore's grey and silver maxi sequin dress was breath taking specially as combined with her reddish hair.

3: Chanel Iman’s silver spaghetti strap sequin dress was totally rocking! Her back look was super sexy and her breast show was elegant.

2: Nicole Scherzinger’s silver sequin dress made us all speechless. I’m speechless! I can’t say anything… well… yeah… speechless! That’s it…

1: Nina Dobrev’s vibrant blue off shoulder sequin gown left us nothing to say. Her makeup, hairstyle, accessories and body style extremely matched her dress and left us with an open mouth and a WOW sigh.

Stand out and Sparkle like a luxe lady in one of our High quality embellished and super sassy sequin dresses. From Sequin minis, Bodycons and Maxis, there’s a style and sequin Dress for every occasion. Whether you like the subtle sequin detailing or prefer all out glitz and glam, femme luxe have the ideal sequin dress for you to see you through any occasion. Be it a family outing a romantic dinner or a Christmas party with the girls, femme luxe can guarantee you will be the bell of the ball in one of our top quality sequin dresses.

With Christmas always being closer than you think it is, why let dull colours and plain fabrics drag you down, sparkle up the night in one of femme luxes bestselling sequin minis for the perfect long lasting impression to friends, family, co-workers or anything in between. You are bound to have all eyes on you with the perfect amount of attention in one of the most sought after styles of sequins this year!

Charcoal Sequin Bodycon Mini Dress

For example the Charcoal Sequin Bodycon Mini Dress is the ideal centre piece for high key sequin style but low key attention. With its more muted down tones this type of sassy sequin dress makes for the perfect unique centre piece to pair with some hot metallic accessories that instead of taking away, will add that little bit extra to your sequin party dress. However, if you are after that more eye popping, jaw dropping feels for party season then why not a quick look at the next best thing femme luxe have found when it comes to sequin mini dresses, The absolutely killer Black Multi-coloured Sequin Dress!  When it comes to the bright shiny looks this one will help you complete the look. Perfect for party season this cheap sequin dress is affordable and high quality so is guaranteed to see you through with its bright colours and tones helping to stop you fading away.

sequin mini dresses

When it comes to the perfect sequin dress for a great price that won’t make you break the bank, femme luxes cheap and affordable sequin dresses are definite the right path to go down. And it’s not just these either. When it comes to that Romantic dinner we mentioned earlier, Femme Luxe Have the perfect style for you. The Nude Sequin Front Bandeau Bodycon Mini Dress. Now when it comes to being sexy in sequins, sequin dresses like this and like the Rose Gold Sequin Front Mini Dress, you can bet for a long lasting good impression with these sparkling figure hugging beauties.

When it comes to the perfect sequin dresses there is only one place to be, and that is right here at femme luxe finery. The high street used to be every girls number one but with the ever increasing prices and ever decreasing quality it simply is no longer an option. Whereas here at femme luxe, you are number one. Our priories are getting you the best quality and on trend style for the cheapest price we can, so when it comes to that must have sequin dress, you can count on us.

cheap sequin dress

If you prefer the sexy style that comes with some of these top sequin dresses then why not check our number one. For any occasion you want jaws to hit the floor then this cheap sequin dress is a 100% must have when it comes to a wardrobe update this year. The Black Mesh Glitter Side Split Maxi Dress. With sexy splits right up the legs and the perfect mesh and sequin balance. This killer sequin dress is the must have this season.

If none mentioned have caught your eye then keep on scrolling and see which of the beautiful sequin dresses below make you fall in love. There is bound to be one that will make you speechless, and that the point. Let these sequin dresses do all the talking at your next major even as you shine and sparkle in the spotlight!

Sequin dresses, bodycon, Maxi.

Sequin dresses, bodycon, Maxi.

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