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Mini Dress

mini dresses

No matter we’re entering the summer season or getting it behind us, we love wearing mini dresses as women. What are the best ways to combine a mini dress up? Let’s see…

Rules and tips

First of all, if you’re going to wear a mini dress, you’d better have a proportional body. If you have broad and big buttocks and the same sized big breasts, be sure that a super mini dress, specially a strapless one, wouldn’t look so good on you. In another hand, long legs and small body proportions are very suitable for mini dresses. If you have these specifications, a mini dress would look perfect on you, but if not, then you should be a bit careful about the mini’s length and style (whether it’s strapless, long sleeves, strapped and etc.) 

Summer or winter?

Styling a mini dress up is way harder than choosing one and that’s the odd part of it! It’s even harder if you want to make a winter mini dress combination and of course you’re not supposed to wear your retained summer dresses in a winter party! Because if you do so, you’ll catch a bad cold beside your low fashion point! As choosing a winter dress, you should be careful with its fabric to be thick but the opposite is in summer. You wouldn’t want to wear a knitted dress on a hot summer day!


Styling up mini dresses nicely is very depending on the accessories you choose to look nice or not. You can wear opaque tights with them on winter days or fishnet tights on summer according to your dress’s capability. Or if you want to wear them by their own, you should do all the styling up job with your shoes, handbag and jewelries.

Hairstyle and makeup

Hairstyle and makeup is depending on your mini dress style! You can wear a light makeup with an eye-catching dress or a heavy makeup with a simpler dress. You can go with smoky eyes and pale lips to emphasize on your eyes or a mascara only eye makeup with dark lips for showing your lips beauty and sexiness. A makeup of both heavy eyes and lips with a mini dress will give you a very vamp look.

You can wear a mini dress for different occasions like parties, an evening out, work and many other occasions. A Black Bodycon Mini & Gold Mesh Overlay dress would be perfect for a formal night party while you can get a casual, comfy and cool look with a Camo Print Striped Oversized Jumper Dress.

There are many rules on wearing and styling up a mini dress that you should know. So for learning more on this issue take a look at our blog and read other articles. Don’t forget to scroll down the photos and see what is best for yourself. Help yourself with a mini dress fest!

When it comes to keeping in style this season you really can’t go wrong with the perfect mini dress to keep you covered for any occasion. Well here at femme luxe minis midis and maxis are our motto so step into the world of lace, glitter and all things girly to find the perfect mini dress for you this party season We all want to look and feel fabulous when we dress up and face it girls, that old reliable just doesn’t give off the same feeling anymore now does it? Well don’t worry, femme luxe supplies the best high quality mini dresses for cheap and affordable prices that you won’t find on the high street. Whether you want a risqué PU in neon or an elegant sequin style, you will find every size shape and colour of mini dress known to man reimagined into beautiful must have wardrobe pieces for your convenience.

cheap mini dresses

If you feel like bright colours will spice up your life then why not go for the orange PU mini dress, this fantastic neon beauty is bound to have heads turning like no other mini dress before it. This statement mini dress is also available in many other colours and is only second best to our plunge PU range. These cheap mini dresses at femme luxe are taking over our daily fashion one item at a time so what is stopping you getting yours and join the mini dress trend ASAP?

PU mini dress

If you prefer the more elegant style of a mini then why not opt for one of our lace beauties, these figure hugging styles re perfect for dinner dates and weddings with their reserved and elegant yet jaw dropping beauty. If this is a first in the world of mini dresses for you then you can’t go wrong with this one. Fall in love with this cheap mini dress when you realise that you can easily afford it without worrying about breaking your bank as femme luxe guarantees high quality at amazing prices.

Perhaps you want to dance the night away being the spot light so why not check out one of our many hot styles in sequin mini dresses, these up and coming cheap mini dresses are guaranteed to help you say the perfect killer outfit effortlessly as you step out to the dance floor. With the many varying colour and styles you can just about cover any look from perfect princess to disco diva with no trouble thanks to the cheap mini dresses here at femme luxe.

No matter what you want to achieve, the many different styles of figure hugging and shape flattering mini dresses here at femme luxe are easy to get lost in and with the cheap affordable price you could have one for every day of the year. Let the mini dress craze take over and give into your favourite this year. Don’t get left behind this season with worn out fads and trends when the new in style mini dresses are available in the many unique flattering form which wide availability here at femme luxe

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