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Lace Dresses

Lace Dresses

Lace dresses are made for showing the girls sweet and feminine sides more than the bitter masculine ones. The lace dresses are always fashionable and nice but there are of course some tips on wearing them that will help you look even smarter. So here you are a bunch of perfect tips on wearing and styling up lace dresses.

How to choose the right lace dress?

Just as in the other clothes of us, we should choose lace dresses according to our body proportions too. For the slightly oversized ladies, I suggest the black lace sleeved dresses that will make their arms look slimmer. Slim girls can wear lace dresses however they like and in whatever form they love. If you have well-shaped buttocks and waistline, why not wearing a maxi dress with a lace back and look like a peacock flowing in the paradise gardens. And here is a little but very important tip that you’ve probably not heard of… try to match your lace colour with your hair dye. This way you’ll get the most attention and look the trendiest.

What to wear with lace dresses?

Lace dresses are beautiful by themselves and don’t need any extra piece being added to them but, they can be combined and coloured up with some cool accessories like caps, hats, some heels, lace boots and clutch purses. You can even use some giant handbags with some of your lace dresses. Alessandra Ambrosio’s summer street style with white maxi dress and a giant black handbag is a good example of wearing lace dresses and combining them with big handbags. For immediate solutions in emergency cases you can always set your lace dress up with a leather jacket. Knee high sock boots (heeled or not) are perfect for your lace combinations. They will make you look both sweet and stylish.

Now here you are some lace combinations. To learn more about them just scroll down….

Romantic and delicate look

Wear your perfect lace dress with some smart and trendy high heels and mix them up with some shiny earrings. This way you’ll get a Princess Kate look without any extra effort. No matter where you go with this combination, you’ll be in the middle of the attraction zone. If you want to make your combination even better with some modern touches, use colours like white, beige, grey and ultramarine. Or if you’re going to make a black lace choice, use beige or golden accessories for it.

Boho style

if you’re also a great Bohemian style fan like me, then the lace dresses are just your style. For example, a beige lace dress with beige flats would look perfect with your smoky eyes and some Boho style accessories like fringed necklaces which are a key element of the bohemian inspired style. If you want to achieve a gypsy boho-inspired look, this combination will perfectly work for you.

Work lace style

If you’re panicked about what to wear at work and need a quick decision, then the lace would help you with open arms. A simple and classic lace detailed trousers and jacket suit, classic heels and accessories and a neutral coloured lace shirt would be a perfect choice for you. The only thing here you have to really be careful of is not giving too much naked look. So try to stay away from sheers and mesh

Night lace dresses

If you’re looking for a lace dress for an elegant night party, you won’t have any restrictions on your choice. Because a lace dress can look elegant and fancy in any shape and colour. For example, you’ll look wonderful with a white lace cami wrap front mini dress, blood red lips, feather braid hairstyle and a pair of nude or red stilettoes and the same colour clutch purse.

Black and white laces

Just like in all other fabrics and styles, you can find many classic and smart pieces in lace dresses categories too. For example, if you want to give a poisonous woman look, a black lace dress, black high heels and a gothic makeup (red lips and smoky eyes) would work for you the best. In another hand you can get a charming and tender look with a white lace, tight belt, a small beige clutch and small accessories like pin earrings.

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