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Jumper Dresses

Jumper dresses

After hours of cooking, cleaning, shopping and checking other holiday errands off your to-do list, who has the time or the energy to worry about putting together a fabulous outfit? Here is where the jumper dresses are coming for you. Jumper dresses are one of those pieces that can change into different forms by styling up differently as easy as a piece of cake. You can get a comfy and stylish look with knowing the rules of wearing a jumper dress. So here are some of the most important rules of wearing jumper dresses:


Use belts to emphasize on your waist. If you have a slim belly you can use thin belts but if you have a s bigger tummy you should wear a thick belt over your jumper dress so that you’ll look slimmer and fitter. The best example for this is our princess, Kate, with her everyday casual outfit that are all elegant. The jumper dress which she was wearing while visiting Centrepoint homeless shelter with Prince William was perfectly styled up for her body shape and face beauty.


Your jumper dress shouldn’t be too short. A maxi sweater dress is more acceptable than a super little and mini jumper dress. So choose your jumper dress’s length wisely. But don’t worry if the jumper dress you’ve bought recently is it’s too short. You can combine it up with some over the knee sock boots or leggings and still look very elegant. Katy Perry’s casual jumper dress and leggings look is a very nice inspiration source for us all. But for a more stylish look, I love Gigi’s “all grey, everything grey” styling up with jumper dress and over knee sock boots.

Jeans and jumpers

You can also mix them up with jeans or leather leggings. Kylie Minogue taught us the rules of wearing jeans with a jumper dress on a casual day out styling of herself with her grey jeans and colourful striped jumper dress.

fur and feather

fur and feather coats would also look nice on a jumper dress but styling such a look up isn’t as easy as it seems. A thick fur jacket wouldn’t look very well on a thick jumper, so here you should be careful with your jumper’s fabric. Or if you want to wear a super thick jumper under a fur coat, then your colour contrasts should be very high. Here we can also learn from Gigi who is my fashion idol. Her oversized cream turtleneck sweater, light blue boyfriend jeans, and a dusty rose fur coat is the ideal styling of a jumper and fur coat.


For catching a more stylish look, you can also wear a blazer jacket over your jumper dress. Olivia Palermo’s dazzling style has always been known for everyone. And as getting to different stylings like this she is one of the bests to introduce. Wearing a grey corduroy military jacket, knit sweater dress and black leather trousers, she shows the world the power of fashion that can even make you the glam idol while walking in the streets on a normal day. But stylings like these are a bit harder to do for normal people than models. So for an easy but trendy style wear a black blazer jacket over your turtle neck jumper dress with black ankle boots and a high simple bun hairstyle


Wearing jumper dresses with skirts is a very simple way to style up beautifully. But the best mixture of a jumper dress and skirt goes to Kate Bosworth while she mixes up textures with a glitzy sequin skirt and a furry grey jumper dress and completes the look with a black clutch and black pumps. You can even copy her look and wear the same combination for an evening out with girls.


Long necklaces, giant earrings and vulgar jewelries will make your styling even better.

For more info and rules on jumper dresses and styling them up, visit our blog.

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knitted jumper dresses

Stay ahead of the trends with our new season collection of women’s knitted jumper dresses. The perfect throw-on-and-go staple, you can call upon a Jumper dress to work those laid back low-key vibes. From oversized knitted dress styles to detailed jumper dresses with lace up detailing - we have them all. Trade up a basic look with Bardot oversized Jumper dresses for a slay-worthy vibe. Team yours with over the knee boots for a relaxed, sass look - perfect for your transitional wardrobe!
If you are looking for the latest celeb trends to see you through and keep your style game high and mighty then get your wardrobe a list ready in our oversized jumper dresses. These Cheap jumper dresses are the height of fashion and they’re here to stay. Why not spice up your winter wardrobe as this Jumper dresses make for the perfect laid back casual date night outfit.

 Cheap jumper dresses

Ideal for a quick shopping trip with the girls why not have a look at our Oversized Stripe Detail Jumper Dresses. The hot designer inspired jumper dresses are the hottest celeb trend right now and with one in your wardrobe you know you can shop in style. Leave all your friends guessing at how you have manage to buy such a high end quality designed jumper dress for such a cheap price when you shop here at femme luxe. The cheap jumper dresses here at femme luxe range from knitted material to sweatshirts and come in a variety of styles. In the sweat shirt jumper dresses you can opt for plain or designer inspired making sure to follow that trend and be red carpet ready. The sweat shirt style jumper dresses all have that lovely cuffed hem and sleeves giving you a luxury secure fir even though they’re dramatically big.
If you prefer the knitted variety then you can have your pick from the daring distressed back knit jumper dresses to the girly bell sleeve extreme hem knit jumper dresses.

knitted bell sleeve jumper dresses

Release that girl power in in our knitted bell sleeve jumper dresses and realise that this super quite style of jumper dress is perfect for any occasion whether it be a simple trip out , a night out, a date or just to relax with the girls. This cheap jumper dress and many others in this category are ideal for anything life may throw at you. Get entranced by the soft chunky knits of our jumper dresses and fall in love with your new wardrobe addition this season.

If you feel like letting loose having that inner rebel show herself then the distressed knit jumper dresses at femme luxe are 100% for you. With their long sleeves and edgy design these cheap jumper dresses are just what you need. Distressed knit detailing all over makes this jumper dress the absolute statement wardrobe addition and is something that every girl should own. No matter who or what you are this cheap jumper dress Is a simple must have in the world of fashion. With both style comfort and practicality what more could you want from this season’s most on trend jumper dress?

loungewear jumper dresses

Or you could kick back and relax in one of our super snug loungewear jumper dresses. The Corse Velour hooded jumper dresses come complete with long sleeves, corset detailing, kangaroo pocket and hood making this the inspector gadget coat of ladies fashion. Slay all day in this perfect jumper dress absolutely ideal for lazy days where you really want them off duty vibes to be channelled. Perfect for chilling in the house or running errands, this cheap velour jumper dress from femme luxe is the ultimate to this season’s wardrobe makeovers. With the price being so low why not feel like a new girl and rock a new style every day of the week with the cheap jumper dresses available at femme luxe

Have a browse and see which one of our top quality jumper dresses you fall in love with.

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