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socks and tights

Layer your favorite outfit's over our collection of statement socks and tights and vamp up your street style this season!

Working women usually wear and choose their outfits fast and without being too much attentive. If you are one of them, probably you too just put on the first opaque tights or fishnet socks you catch in hand. But fast decisions can ruin women’s lives. Wearing a dress or skirt needs high attention and right choices in the socks underneath them. In winters it’s easier cause you can wear your skirts with black opaque tights and the only thing you should be careful of is their thickness. But in summer, things get more complicated. So you’ll need a fashion guide to help you out with it. well, lucky you that your guide is just here waiting for you in the below lines:

The material is important

There are many socks and tights that can be worn with your dresses, skirts and shoes. The important factor here is to be careful with them matching your skin. They must be in the perfect thickness and materials which will make your legs look pure, soft and smooth. If you are always in a hurry to wear one, then you should choose the perfect socks for yourself the night before.

If your socks’ fabric is shiny, then it’s even better cause these shiny socks have been popular since a long time and are still very trendy. If you don’t want to choose some bad socks, then you really shouldn’t buy the ones that have the darker shades of your skin colour. If you want to wear flesh coloured socks, the you really should be careful of the tonalities cause if the thin tights or socks that you’re wearing doesn’t match your skin colour in the maximum amount, then that will give an ugly look to you.

Matte or patterned?

As wearing socks under a bodycon dress, perfectionism tells that you must wear the ones which leave no line marks on your dress. The ultra-thin tight socks are best for these situations.

Usually it’s not acceptable for a work place to wear patterned or fishnet socks. As a workwoman you can give a perfect look with matte and neutral coloured tights.

Fishnet socks and other patterned tights will make your legs look taller and perfect under a classic little black dress. Don’t forget your boots for a gothic look and stilettos and heels for elegancy.

Colourful socks and dress matches

If you’re going to wear a dark coloured dress with dark coloured shoes, then a pair of transparent thin socks will look great on you. But if you’re making the combination for a winter party, then the transparent tights should have a half shade of black.

Do not ever wear your black or transparent skin coloured tights with white boots. Never ever! Think that your one and only choice is black boots and nothing else.

White tights and socks will make your legs look wider and fat. So if you need slim and fine legs, wear black, gray and other dark coloured socks. Or if you want to make it colourful then choose some coloured like dark green, brown or ultramarine. The other advantage that these dark colours have is that they will make your legs look also taller. But if you have those thin and matchstick legs, then the white, cream, beige, pastel colours and all the bright tonalities would be super cool.

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