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Our deep love toward jeans is endlessly going on through the time. Even though we have plenty of them in our closets, we feel obliged to buy some other colours and forms to feel completed! For getting jeans we should take a look at 2018-2019 jeans models and choose according to them. Although the working women are mostly able to wear their jeans at weekends, jeans are still the most popular kind of trousers among all women. And guess what? Jeans are the second most worn clothing piece in world! So for a better shopping at 2018- 2019, just take a look at this article and see the forecast to be more trendy.


Decorated patterned jeans

Jeans being decorated is now very popular and off taken. Gemmiferous, embroidered, chained and colourful motives are going to be on our beloved jeans. If the simple and plain designs are making you sick, our advice is to wear one of these trends. According to the huge variety of their models and styles, they would make your job easier to pick one!



in denim style trousers we also have some new trends. The difference in denim jeans of this year from last years is their endless look. These low cut jeans are going to have asymmetrical cuts, patterns and fringes in their ends that will make them look amazing. Beside these, the simple and classic forms are also very trendy. Blue, dark blue, indigo and tile red will be the most prevalent colours in denim jeans.


Ripped jeans are always the best

One of the last years’ most popular trends is ripped denim jeans. They are mostly used and preferred in spring and summer times but they are being used in the last years also in autumn and winter days. I must say that the knee ripped denim jeans are going to be one step ahead of the other styles. So you should have at least one in your wardrobe for this summer-spring time.


From futurism to minimalism

The minimalism is taking the world and also the jeans in its hands. There’s a universal style. It means that you can use it worldwide in anywhere. Shirts and jumpers also would look great with them. And they are perfect choices for night outs.


Wide cuts

Get back your self-confidence with wide cuts and oversized looks. Especially if you have some extra fats this trend would be best for you. You can hide your body flaws in these jeans and look very slim.


So you see that jeans are doing perfect this year more than before. So if you don’t want to stay away from the new trends, go down this page and order the best fashion designs of 2018 in jeans.

Femme Luxe Denim is so comfy you can Live your life in denim. This season's jeans are anything but basic – update your denim with the latest on-trend women's jeans you need in your new season wardrobe. Keep it classic in a staple pair of skinny jeans, or off-duty cool in distressed denim or add a luxe edge with a leather coated pair. From figure flattering high waisted styles to low risers, there's a pair of jeans to suit every body shape. Make a statement in double denim or inject a pop of colour with a seasonal khaki hue. With new styles added daily, shop our mix of style staples and feed your denim need now.

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