The new trend black harness bralet

We live in a world that fashion rules in it, and in such a world is it possible to stay away from fashion? Can anyone do this? Or can any of clothing pieces just stay away and don't follow a fashion trend? NO! So of course there's a fashion trend of lingerie and bralets too that we can follow. This year's trend in underwear is too close to the outwear trends! Like what? Like in colours! We'll see more colourful pieces this year in different fabric types which are all brilliant works, containing bralets. One of the pieces we will see first on the vitrines and the next n our closets this year is harness bralet types (especially black harness bralets). So come along and read this article so that you'll be able to catch this year's trend and combine your bralets the best.

black harness bralets 

Everything is lace!

As you know lace is the first thing that comes to one's mind as saying lingerie… Just imagine the lace on a bralet! WOW…I'm impressed by my own thoughts! :-P  So lace is always fitting itself into the lingerie trends every year just like this year in which lace is killing once more. But even lace itself has trends that we should follow if we want to be a fashion idol. This year's lace trend is the extended and floral ones. I guess we all agree on how beautiful these laces are especially on bralettes, so let these fantastic artworks get on your back in your backless dresses. A lace harness bralette is the best thing to go under an open-back dress or top. The elegant and graceful look it gives to you is undeniable… But the usage of lace bralettes is not limited to the back décolleté… The light and smooth texture wrapping your upper abdominal (above your belly button) can give the look of a queen besides making you "feel" like a queen! A black lace crop top used by its own or going under a jacket is the sexiest scene someone can see these days. And guess what… The stars of this year's bralet trend are in FemmeLuxeFinery. From the black harness crop tops to this red bralette which will act like a drug to anyone wearing them this year…

 black harness crop tops

Mesh is in

There's no need to say that mesh is always one of the best choices in bralet and lingerie. According to last summer's trend the mesh bodysuits, and the fact that it keeps being trendy in this season and also will be in the next one, we should try to find something for under them! Well wearing a mesh bralet under a mesh bodysuit, top or dress can't be a good idea! So we'll have other options for you, but first let's talk about mesh bralet and crop tops themselves. Mesh has always an especial place in fashion and trend and really seems like it's never gonna get démodé! Of course the sexiest pieces of clothing, lingerie type clothes, aren't different in this case and they follow the mesh trend in all seasons containing mesh bodysuits, mesh crop tops and bralettes, mesh bras and so on… with this black mesh bralet you can be the hit of all seasons anywhere. Or if you think that it's too much "winter" for such a summer trend (especially if you live in cold places like London) then I suggest you to try this mesh frill hem cami crop tops which are all awesome in all colours. You can wear these by their owns or with a jacket. Anyway it will look amazing on you. But what if your combination is just vice versa? That would be fantastic too! You can wear a black bralette under all mesh clothes from dresses to bodysuits. Or if you don't like black and love to play it colourful, then just wear a harness bralet top (in any colour you love) under a white or cream mesh top and be as funky as you can!

 black crochet tops




Well, all bras, bralets and in total lingerie are a kind of artworks in my opinion! But as combining them with handicrafts like hand knitted flowers or braids, they really turn into artworks! So what do you say? Do you want to wear your black crochet tops and black harness crop tops or are you going to exhibit them in the next art gallery!?


Stick to the fashion with straps!

Harness bralets are the trendiest pieces of this season with no doubt. Showing a bit of its straps from under your open neck, plunge or even mesh will make you a head and shoulder above all others wearing the same clothes as you but without a black body harness

Bralet love

Praising the usefulness and beauty of the bralettes can never ever end in my words; that's right. It's like that song by Taylor Swift: "you're so gorgeous I can't say anything to you face, cause look at you face!" actually I'm planning to make the same song for bralettes someday! :-)) So what I mean in all these words is that bralettes are trendy, sexy, beautiful and gorgeous in any shape or any material they come! Do you remember those black harness belts that were trendy once and you could use them with anything on this world? Now it's just the same about bralettes and crop tops! So if you're a bralet lover like me, join us through our bralette and crop tops journey this week and read other articles on bralets to take your chance for being the bralet idol of this year by wearing and combining them according to your new fashion knowledge.

So I'm talking with you bralet lovers, start leaving comments with the hashtag "#bralette_lover" so we can all find each other on social media and share our ideas about bralettes and crop tops with everyone else. Thank you for reading another article to its end and remember to stay tuned…