Fashion is a transient phenomenon that each moment and each occasion can have a unique trend of itself. Although the fashion world is an always changing society, there are some pieces and some trends that never get antiquated and even draw more attention each day. These fantastic trends that you can always use are divided into different pieces of clothing and styles. For example, crop tops are one of those pieces that can be used in these timeless trend combinations, because crop tops are timeless themselves! But do you know how to make an all perfect combination from a crop top in different styling categories? Well, here today I’m going to teach you the best ways of combining a black lace crop top and also some other styles of crop tops with the top 8 fashion stylings of the world. So come along with me on this article to learn some fashion tricks…

black lace crop top

Ladylike (feminine) style

The trend has been originated in 1947 from France, the capital of fashion in those years, by the famous French fashion stylist and designer, Christian Dior making new style skirts and dresses. Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy, made this trend the first choice of trendy and handsome women as they started wearing the ladylike style as first ladies of the fashion world! This trend is based on the curves and shape of the female body and is a bit shiny but never breaks the rules of fashion or go further than the borders of elegancy. In this style, the arcana is in the details, so the bow ties of your shoes or some splendid jewelry would be such great detailing for this style. The divided upper, lower styles are the best choices for this trend like two piece sets, crop tops and blouses (especially if used with midi skirts).  Now, how to make a super feminine style with a black lace crop top? It’s easy… Just get a mesh sequin tie front crop top (nude is perfect but you can wear a black one too) and then style it up with a silver pleated wrap over midi skirt or the same style black midi skirt if you don’t want to shine too much! If you want to look more like a lady, then try to tie your crop top around your lower waist but for a Paris streets style, you can wear it as it is shown in the picture. 

black midi skirt

Zooish! (animal prints)

When Europeans started colonizing Asia and Africa, they took animals like tigers’, lions’, giraffes’ and many other exotic creatures’ skin with them to their homeland. These unusual but beautiful patterns started to get printed in fabrics as soon as designers got them in hand. So these fabrics came to life in home decorations and clothing since then, but experienced a resurrection after two centuries, with Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall wearing them. As you know, animal skin patterns have neutral colours and patterns like brown, beige and black and this make them timeless that can be used in any season anytime. Also they can be combined with anything around you. Using a bit of them in your clothing can glam you up in any occasion. If you’re afraid of getting in the middle of the attention zone, then try to use them in tinier patterns or smaller pieces and details like a little handbag, scarf or other accessories. Also an animal picture on your crop top would be a good choice for you. But if you want to get a sexier, exotic look then I have an extremely wild option for you. Try this gold metallic snake print jumpsuit for the extra glam. You can wear it by its own of course, but my recommendation is wearing it with a black long sleeve crop top for making it more mysterious and modern. Maybe that looks a bit weird to your eyes but remember, fashion IS weird!

black long sleeve crop top

Masculine style

Thanks to Coco Chanel, which designed trousers for women too in 1920, women can wear thousands of models of trousers and leggings these days. A little after her new design coming to life, Katharine Hepburn helped the trend grow by wearing masculine types of clothes in 30s. But making this trend rule in the world of fashion, Patti Smith, the rock & roll artist (singer and song writer) made the most of this style in 70s. Perhaps you think that masculine clothes are not sexy enough but I should said that you’re wrong! It’s always contrariwise! Masculine clothing can always look outstanding in any shape or any size, any place and anytime. You can wear them easily at work, parties and all other situations. But of course it has its own rules like all other styles and all other trends. The greatest rule in styling up a masculine piece is choosing the right size for yourself. Don’t wear an oversized masculine piece and always buy the just right size for your body measurements. Ask your seamstress to add up some feminine details to your tom-girl clothes for some extra attraction. High heels and shiny accessories can help them get fancier. For a formal night out or friendly parties, a black asymmetrical one shoulder crop top can make you look unexpectedly handsome and modern with black and white striped trousers.




The French designer, André Courrèges, made it glam out in 1960 and using the trend, and using this trend, Halston, invented the solid colored stretchy jerseys and stretchy tops. But they got more powerful in 90’s with Miuccia Prada making them simpler and more minimal which made the trend stay fashionable till these days. The clean and arranged lines are the symbols of this trend’s American style which is now used in UK fashion better than any other time by femmeluxefinery. Wearing a minimal piece is not as easy as it sounds. Asymmetrical details would make the style better and better. Choose an energetic piece with asymmetrical cuts or patterns. A white asymmetrical one shoulder crop top with high waist black leggings or trousers will catch enough attention without using any glamorous accessories due to its pointy cuts and high colour contrast of black and white.

stretchy tops

Floral style

Originated from the mother nature, and seen on the Japanese kimonos for the first time, floral style clothing has always been fashionable. Flowers are the symbol of beauty and femininity and have the greatest aspects of softness, subtlety and elegance in the fashion world. No matter how much you follow the feminine styles, you can always wear some floral pieces in your combinations. Floral patterns look best in autumn colours and will be nice if used with other pieces of solid but bright colours. This pink floral bardot crop top can be used with anything actually and will look perfect anyways. The other two colours of the similar style, are brilliant too. So just follow your heart and pick the colour and style you love the most. 

floral style clothing

Camo style

During the world war second, people were obligated to wear special clothes that the government gave them, both men and women. Also in the period of the Vietnam war, ordinary people (specially the youth) wore the same clothes as the army of their country to camouflage their army men. Since then it remained a symbol of their bravery. But then, it slowly flew down to the great world of fashion. Who would have thought that this olive green could gain this much popularity and get fans from around the world? For wearing them, the only thing you’ll need is one or two pieces of simple accessories. So get this camo stripe detailed loungewear set for a more athletic look or the camo print queen crop top to look more feminine and queen-ish with its front tie and “queen” slogan!

 camo print queen crop top


A romantic person is mostly idealist and even unrealistic. She loves to wear clothes with different patterns of flowers, hearts and frills on the edges. Soft and ténu fabrics like satin, lace and chiffon are the best choices for these people. In crop top? Well I’m sure that you’ll love a white lace crop top if you’re a romantic girl. These two options are also perfect for you. The white front wrap tie crop top with  wide leg trousers and the other choice you have is working a playful look in this White Frill Hem Shoulder and Waist Crop Top. Style with a PU skirt and lace up heels and prepare to slay! But as the subject we’re talking about is black lace crop tops, let me give you one other option that I’m sure you’ll love the most… the black bardot crop top with lace bell sleeves is the best of the bests for a romantic girl like you…

black bardot crop top


So you just stick to the well-known trends and don’t go any further than your limits… maybe… but it doesn’t mean that you’re boring! Because you have the best and most modern and elegant style of all! I’m in love with classic style myself which, just like its name, is classic and has been always fashionable through the time. A simple crop top bra would be fantastic for us, classic lovers. But hey, even we want some extra details in our clothing sometimes! So then a black laced up crop top with an ostrich feather coat would be a brilliant choice for us…. Am I right?