Tips and tricks for styling stripes

Hey ladies, on this edition of the femme luxe blogs we are talking stripes. Bold daring and in every direction, stripes have captivated us for years with so many myths and magic surrounding them.

Do i look taller? Thinner? Well, stop the confusion right there, as today we’re going to learn just how stripes give illusions to your body, and what designs will work best for you when it comes to slaying the trend this summer.

Face it, this SS18 stripes are in! How do i know you ask?  Did you watch the Gucci fashion show? Stripes were everywhere. Almost every outfit found a way to incorporate not only that famous red and green we’re all so fond of but the amount of detail and diversity in the striped clothing Gucci put on the scene this year, femme luxe has rose to the challenge... so let’s begin. What can stripes actually do for us?


Are stripes flattering?

The age old question is here, are stripes flattering? Well according to research sourcing the telegraph, hello fashion and vogue, yes they are. The myths surrounding stripes, though may not to the extent we have been lead to believe, do create an illusion that alters the body shape and image that we all see.

This leads us to our next point, what do stripes actually do?

Well to begin with, the direction of the stripes, concerning vertical and horizontal do affect the axis they lay on; so vertical stripes will help elongate the figure and although they may help to slim the appearance of the surface they are on, this part I’m afraid seems more myth than magic. Vertical stripes to not do much in terms of creating slimming effect, although, from the front as these do help you look taller, they would help to even a proportion if you’re only slightly concerned about certain areas.


Where would the best place for vertical stripes be?

We love the striped trousers at femme luxe. While not slimming the figure, many loose fit or wide leg trousers with vertical stripes are in this season. Why you ask? Although this may not slim anywhere, while not being fitted, striped trousers such as the Black & White High Waist Stripe Wide Leg Trousers do give you the model like appearance of having that seductive long leg look. These black and white striped trousers are also fantastic when it comes to recreating that vintage feel that’s in demand though 2018. Having a 70’s inspiration behind them, we at femmeluxefinery are totally obsessed with look. The matching plunge collar satin bodysuit makes this a must have dreamy look for the stripes trend in SS18!

Another take of the vertical stripes this season with trousers are the High Waist Stripe Front Split Leg Trousers. Currently available in a bold blue or orange (some of the hottest colours on the scene for SS18) these high waisted trousers have the perfect holiday vibe surrounding them and are simply perfect for a versatile take on the use of stripes in the fashion industry.

If trousers aren’t your thing, per se, you have no need to worry. Feeling that summer vibe but keeping it at basics is the Black and White Stripe Front Wrap Tie Dress. With a mini length you may not expect this to do anything for extending a silhouette, however, this look has been a timeless classic when it comes to learning to rock the stripes and is idea for girls of any body type. From top heave to bottom heavy, hourglass or athletic, Stripes in this format definitely add a femme touch to your look. With summer on the way and the nights getting lighter, warmer, louder and all together better, this is the perfect striped dress for a classy summer soirée over a glass of wine.

Okay so we’ve had out fun with vertical stripes, now let’s shift sideways. 


How do horizontal types affect your image?

Horizontal stripes work in the total opposite way. While they may not always make you appear taller, unless you are already fairly tall, the use of horizontal stripes can make you look thinner, sourcing research from ‘psychology today’ and experiments conducted with the use of stripes in clothing and other generic objects of the same size.

So what does that mean for us?

Horizontal stripes are a women’s favourite go to, i mean who doesn’t want to seem thinner, more shapely and curvaceous, but in proportion?  If we could wave a magic wand I’m sure we all would find something to change, even when we really do not need to!

Horizontal stripes typically are best worn on the top half of the body, specifically the torso. While the majority of the focus is lead to the hips and waist, many clothing items will extend this striped pattern across the bust and shoulders too. This look is perfect for anyone with a broad back and shoulder who would perfect to appear more petite. Not always shown through the use of striped fabric and designs, you can subtly carry this look out with layering, items of different lengths and even decorative belts.

Some of the femmeluxefinerys faves to carry this look out and keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to styling yourself up for the summer include the mustard striped cropped jumper. This covers two of the styling points that horizontal stripes can cover, with its boxy cut the cropped length of this stylish striped jumper will make your waist appear thinner, while the striped jumper itself helps slim down your chest and shoulders.

Other summer faves that involve this style of stripes from femmeluxefinery include the Black and white stripe Bardot jumpsuit and the khaki stripe front t-shirt dress. These stylish striped jumpsuits and t-shirt dresses are bound to make a hit this season and with more styles and colours on the way the vertical and horizontal stripe trend is firmly underway for SS18.


Who should be wearing vertical stripes?

Vertical stripes to be safe , can be worn on anyone, however, for the best result in items like this we would suggest girls that are mid to tall in height and from an average to more petite build. As this look is designed to elongate the body, yes short girls will benefit front this style but a bigger result of stripes will be on average to tall girls.

Another reason for this is that the majority of vertical striped clothing that femmeluxefinery has to offer, is in the forms of trousers and two piece sets. Anyone can rock these looks, as we say; this is only a little guide for tips and tricks, but taller slimmer girls will see the benefit of a vertical striped style or vertically striped clothing more.


Who should be wearing horizontal stripes?

These stripes are perfect for all girls and aren’t strictly categorized, however for the most benefit of the slimming effect horizontal stripes give, a more curvaceous girl will benefit from this look. While height does not matter for this style of striped clothing , to make the look more flattering for your body type there are a few do’s and don’ts surrounding the horizontal stripe.

-          If you know that you are a larger lady, don’t opt for an item of clothing that is skin tight, this will lessen the illusion that horizontally striped clothes give you.

-          If you are shorter in height and feel maybe horizontal stripes may take that little more off you, you can still rock them. Instead of a solid stripe, why not try gradients, stripy crop tops, or the use of different layering to create stripes with your body and clothing combined. That mustard striped jumper we spoke about before would look HOTT on you!

-          Lastly, but most importantly on the stripe list ... If you are not confident at, or new to stripes, do not, and I repeat NOT mix your directions. Over the next couple of blogs this week I will be taking you through step by step how to match your stripes so you can get the most out of your clothing this season. But we don’t want a fashion failure to put you off experimenting.


The stripe guide

Time for a recap girls!

Remember, stripes can look good on anyone, i mean they make the landscape around us so beautiful and they sure as hell can do the same for us. This season with top brands such as Gucci and vogue taking the plunge into the world of stripes, they are going to be hard hitting and here to stay so do not miss out on updating your wardrobe to catch up with style that is striped clothing. Horizontal, vertical, slanted and combined. Keep updated on the femme luxe blogs to find the style that works perfectly for you.

A little insight to my next addition; two pieces, tops and designer inspired looks. Let’s get you updated!