Stripe trousers

Hello ladies, we are back and carrying on with the trouser trends of SS18.

In my last blog we talked about wide leg and cigarette trousers and how each can be work and styled to match the current trends that are taking the world by storm on the run up to the summer of 2018

So without much further ado lets carry on discussing the opportunities of cigarette trousers in today’s styling that we had briefly touched upon in my last blog.


High waisted cigarette trousers

High waisted cigarette trousers are the number one go to for women of all ages and styles across the UK and have been for many years, spiking they popularity in the 1950s, and having every updating cuts and prints through the years, these high waisted trousers are an easy staple piece that every women should have in their wardrobe. I mean who knows when they may come in handy.


How to wear cigarette trousers

Even though summer is on the way, don’t think that these styles of trousers are strictly only to be worn in the warmer months, you wouldn’t believe the simplicity involved with how to wear cigarette trousers in winter. Paired with a shirt and pull-over, these quirky cigarette trousers and ankle boots make an ideal preppy take on the professional look so you can rock major style points while wearing these statement trousers to the office. This style especially works well with the hound’s-tooth paper bag slim fit trousers.  

Now, if you’re like me you’ll probably be thinking what shoes to wear with cigarette trousers? I mean, it can be a bit of a nightmare combination if you’re not decided on where you’re going yet or if you’re new to the style. Especially if you’re in a rush or just experimenting, so here’s a little break down for you.

Cigarette trousers with flats

This is an easy look for most occasions, paired with your oxford flats or some dolly pumps can really make a good look. With a blouse or chiffon shirt you can create the perfect look for the office or you can mess about and play with your colour and patterns to create a funky look for seeing your friends or for every day wear.

This takes us on to my next point, how to wear cigarette pants to work.  They make an easy style for an office look as they can be worn in any season although the major styling point around this blog tells us they will be so in demand over the summer of 18’

Don’t be put off, for a classy night out look or to go for a fancy meal, some barley there heels will be perfect. We particularly love the Perspex heel look with these types of trousers.

Cigarette pants fashion is constantly evolving and changing to match the fashion of the time , this is what makes this style of trousers truly timeless when it comes to how they can be styled and worn.

waist trouser

High waisted cigarette trousers white

High waisted Cigarette trousers, petite in size normally or at least help to allude to a more petite figure. This is perfect for any girls who may struggle loving their mid to lower stomach and hips and the straight tailored cut of the cigarette pant style can help to elongate your legs and accentuate the curve of your hips but also make your waist look smaller.

When it comes to how to wear cigarette trousers there really isn’t much of a rule book, however at femmeluxefinery we do love to pair a good crop top with the cigarette trousers, for example if you were to take out navy floral paper bag trousers, these pair perfectly with crop tops such as the white long sleeve Bardot crop top. The same goes when it comes to stripe cigarette trousers, they don’t have any particular rule to them but as a suggestion if you have striped  trousers, id keep your top half plain.


Trousers women’s

When it comes to trousers for women history has some pretty mixed reviews and suggestions. I mean for a long time in history, trousers were simply not for women.  They were a male item in a male dominated world but with changing times so have styles and fashion, now being one of the most popular items for female clothing choices, trousers can be a real focus point on making or breaking your outfit.

Smart trousers women’s

Women’s navy trousers are a huge selling point when it comes to workplace attire, whether they are actually worn to work or just to make an outfit look slightly more smart /formal, you can’t complain when it comes to the smart navy trousers for women that femmeluxefinery sells.  Whether they’re wide leg, regular fit or cigarette trousers, for many occasions these can totally make an outfit. Evening wear trousers are the in between category that overlaps finding the perfect professional look. Staying with navy, the navy floral paper bag trousers slay this season’s floral trend with a colour that is loved by many when it comes to finding a smart look with ease. However, although these are great for evening wear, they aren’t the best when it comes to strictly formal or the smart/casual approach to wardrobe choices. Instead, this style of navy trousers for women is better suited to an evening meal, catch up with the girls or a night out. Women’s black work trousers are another item that falls into this category. Perfect for work they can also be used for events where you want your outfit to appear smart. Paired with a more relaxed style shirt or a non work place appropriate shirt (other than t-shirts and some crops) black work trousers that slay this style include the Black High Waist Belted Wide Leg Trousers, with the belted and buckle detail, these are great to get the smart work trousers women’s fashion depicts, yet they are also perfect for meals, dates and days out where you want the smart/casual approach to your wardrobe. Other examples of this are the black extreme wide leg trousers and the classic Black Wide Leg Trousers, although if you want black straight leg trousers the first pair mentioned 

wide leg

High waisted wide leg trousers

Petite wide leg trousers are a hard sought after style these days as with the wide leg style not many petite sizes are included, but with femmeluxefinerys size 6 starting point sometimes venturing down to a size 4 you can be sure to find a style of wide leg trousers to fit you perfectly. This is included when it comes to the seasonal fave that slays the SS18 trend of stripes, the palazzo trousers UK residents are going crazy for. Making the perfect focal point for any wide leg trousers outfit, you know you won’t need to be asking how to wear wide leg trousers with something as versatile as the palazzo style trouser. With the Blue & White High Waisted Stripe Wide Leg Trousers, this style is easily slayed and to get the perfect summer combo on an item like this , we suggest to take our models styling with a white extended lace bralette. These are definitely the must have in the world of wide leg culottes.

Moving swiftly on to my next style of trousers, yet still keeping that wide leg feel, black flared trousers are a create way to combine that work wear aesthetic with an easy look that’s laid back enough for any summer soiree that you may be attending this season.

longsleeve trouser

Tie waist trousers

When you think of tie waist trousers, one of the most common misconceptions is that these will all be high waisted skinny trousers. White that is true in some circumstances I just want to briefly touch on the wide leg variety. Linking back to our culottes section, the same blue and white high waisted stripe trousers are a perfect example of tie waist trousers in the stripe trend this season.

High waisted cigarette trousers also match this category, and if you really want to stick to the stripe trouser trend if your not to comfortable with the tops yet, the black and white stripe high waist trousers are a perfect example of tie waist cigarette trousers slaying the stripe trend this summer.

High waisted wide leg trousers come in many styles if you’re not comfortable with the skinny look or if you require a more relaxed attitude. With a wide range of wide leg pleased trousers so you technically still have your stripes down are the tie waist style and somewhat begin to overlap into the paper bag style which has proven successful in many previous years. Paper bag trousers are a great bottom half to an outfit to break up the style and create the illusion of a slimmer waist. Our fave example of these that have nearly all of SS18s styling points are the Khaki Floral Paper Bag Trousers.

Which look is your next go to to try?