Stripe trousers

Hey girls, I’m back and today we’re talking trousers. Anything and everything about trousers stripes and how they can be worn in your everyday life.

Now I know some of us shy away from the stripe trend still and if none of the previous blogs have helped you discover your stripy centre piece I can guarantee you by the end of today you’ll be kicking back waiting for some of femmeluxefinerys striped trousers to arrive at your door!

When it comes to carrying off stripes on your lower half, the right style of trousers for your figure and for the occasion is an important thing to keep in mind. You want to make sure that the stripped trousers still flatter your figure while also being suitable for whatever event you may be attending. Well, at femme luxe there are trousers for every occasion, from lounging around through to a high class meeting or lunch, and back through to perfect festival attire with your girls.


High waisted flared trousers

High waisted trousers have become a fashion fave over the last few years and I mean who can blame us for loving them so much, with the many different styles and designs in high waist jeans created and experimented with throughout the years, from the mums favorite maternity jean though to the super high waist skinny which is popular with young teens and crop tops, through to the classic high waist to accentuate your figure and keep you pulled in, in all the right places.

Petite wide leg trousers

High waisted wide leg trousers are more common in petite styling, unfortunately for our more curvy ladies, it’s hard to find a style like this that actually sits right and fits us, however, with the broad range of sizes at femmeluxefinery, and this is no longer an issue. With a multitude of designs such as emerald green extreme wide leg trousers right through to our more fitted-to-trend Blue High Waist Stripe Front Split Leg Trousers, having a wide range of fits, you can be certain that regardless of the occasion femme luxe has you covered. The fun doesn’t stop here however, at femmeluxefinery you can even find the soon to be summer bestseller of palazzo trousers such as the Black & White High Waist Stripe Wide Leg Trousers, you can be certain of a fresh and relaxed take on the stripes trend that will allow you to go about your daily duties with ease and style. When it comes to carrying off the high waist wide leg trousers of your dreams, this summer, our best pairing pieces have been floral satin shirt bodysuits (these have been with our plain block colour wide leg trousers and they create a perfect wide leg trousers outfit for many occasions this season.  


If you are a slightly more curvy girl and are still a little unsure about if you could carry this style due to all the negative connotations we see across the media , then let me tell you the three most important words you’re going to hear...wide leg culottes. If you’re just learning How to wear wide leg trousers but think your size is a point against you then wide leg culottes are your friend! With a cheeky two piece set including these block colour culottes and a bandeau crop you can create a perfect outfit started as a thick belt and some metallic accessories will really help you stand out this summer.


Wide leg trousers outfit

I know the question that many of you are searching into your taskbars right now while reading this, “how to wear wide leg trousers 2018” The answer is simple, However The hell you like! There is no right and wrong when it comes to the bottom half of your body, so long as your over all style is swell there should be nothing to worry about. With that being said however, I will give you a tip on how to wear wide leg cropped trousers. This can be a difficult style to carry off, especially if you’re not naturally of average height. Smaller or taller girls will tend to struggle with crops. Taller girls can almost look as though there clothing doesn’t fit them when wearing crops but my solution to this would be in what you wear with them. You don’t need to ask yourself “are wide leg trousers in fashion 2018” just because you’re unsure of styling them, I mean of course they are. If you’re slightly above average height pair these with a long flowing cardigan or kimono with these for a laid back summer style. For shorter girls, high waisted wide leg trousers, cropped or not can always look a little too long and bunched up on you. To combat this, you have the easy route, they can be tailored, added heels or a simple turn up will keep you looking on point and letting you rock this style.

Palazzo trousers are our faves here at femmeluxefinery currently. When it comes to killing two birds with one stone so to speak you can be sure that these bad boys are the perfect way to do so. With vogue themselves confirming that stripes are the new must have for 2018 after the Gucci fashion show earlier this week, stripes palazzo trousers are set to be flying out of stock across the UK. So whether you’re only after petite wide leg trousers or the idea of high waist wide leg trousers still scares you , Striped Palazzo Trousers such as the  Khaki & White High Waisted Stripe Wide Leg Trousers  which are available in many other colours too, are the perfect way t begin expanding and easing yourself into this in demand style.


Wide leg culottes

To further explore the style of wide leg culottes, available at femmeluxefinery as part of a very simple and chic two piece set, you have to know what sort of event you’re going to be attending. While this style of wide leg trouser is perfectly acceptable in the office and for your day to day duties while in a plain lock colour or subtle pattern, the bold stripes of SS18 aren’t exactly a professional match made in heaven. Petite wide leg trousers are a great outfit starter piece to build from because you can pair your top and shoes accordingly; however, not all high waisted wide leg trousers are office appropriate. Take the pink high waist flare trousers, although they are certainly stylish and a great outfit starter, you wouldn’t want to turn up to your day job in this fuchsia focal point. When creating the perfect wide leg trousers outfit, all you need to remember is balance. If you’re wearing high waist wide leg trousers, then you don’t want an untucked flowing shirt that hangs over them , or really any button down to be honest, as this will drag your look down making you look literally washed out. Really this is all you need to know about how to wear wide leg trousers but with so many other types of trousers out there, we’ll cover a few more so you can still slay this year’s trends.


High waisted cigarette trousers

How to wear cigarette trousers, the age old question that seems to change every decade or so. Well to begin with, let’s explore the different styles of cigarette trousers at femme luxe finery and how we can work them into the styles that SS18 has going for it. From navy floral paper bag trousers right through to more work appropriate Hound’s-tooth Paper Bag Slim Fit Trousers and grey cropped trousers with side stripe to cover anything in between, I think it’s be safe to say that femme luxe has you well and truly covered for the most in demand styles of cigarette trousers this summer. All of these high waisted cigarette trousers are slaying the trends that SS18 has to offer, from intricate stripes creating the hound’s-tooth pattern that we all love, to stripe detailing modernizing a classic pair of stripe cigarette trousers, and even keeping it clear with the blue and white colours of summer and the floral design that’s simply a must have.


How to wear wide leg trousers

With cigarette trousers under our belt due to the length of time popularity has soared with these, I think we should do a quick recap on wide leg trousers and how to wear them to suit your body type and style.

-          Stop searching “how to wear wide leg trousers 2018” and start experimenting. With the amount of negativity and strictness being found for these styles on the internet, goggling how to wear wide leg trousers is going to lead you to believe it can’t be done but it would be wrong because yes you can girl.

If you are still wondering how to wear wide leg cropped trousers, then remember, if you’re around average height for a female in the UK then you have no issue. Style them the way you would usually do in your day to day look and they’ll look fine still. If you’re of a shorter disposition then you’re still lucky in this scenario as heels and tailoring can solve any ill-fitting issues easily for you. If you are taller however, this does not mean that you cannot wear cropped wide leg trousers, just that your pairing pieces need to be carefully put together. With a few tips tricks and browsing the femmeluxefinery page you’re bound to pull together the perfect chic outfit by summer and we would love to see so don’t forget to tag us on your social media.

what shoes to wear with wide leg trousers

Girls , seriously? This is something you are searching? Worry no more! All your shoes (other than boots obviously) go A-M-A-Z-I-N-G with wide leg trousers, from adorning a motif cropped tee and some plain colour canvas pumps, right through to your stilettos, you can make this look work for anything, so next time you wonder how to wear wide leg pants with flats, remember, any way you want. We would just suggest that you find a matching item for your top half whether it’s in colour style or level of class