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Another quick update on the stripe trend set to hit for SS18 involves all the different loungewear looks that have the stripe trend incorporated into them. When it comes to looking good while relaxing online retailer femmeluxefinery have you covered, with a wide range of loungewear in many different styles ranging from corset front velour jumper dresses, right through to the classic racer style cropped tracksuit, there is bound to be something for everyone. The hot stripe detailed loungewear at femme luxe is only growing and expanding due to the sheer demand that striped loungewear is set to receive this summer.

Who says you have to be all dressed up to be the best dressed? Not us. Kill the style while you’re relaxing and you can be certain that the in demand striped loungewear will do all the talking for you this season.


Women’s loungewear tracksuits

Women’s loungewear tracksuit have always been a huge styling point for us at femmeluxefinery and with summer on the way what better time to up the game and incorporate the in demand stripe detailing in.

So whether your after loungewear with one stripe, loungewear with two stripes or loungewear with stripe panels you can be certain that femme luxe has it all. If you’re looking for a tracksuit sporting the classic one stripe then the loungewear for you would be the Charcoal with White Stripe V Neck Loungewear Set. Sporting a classic panelled stripe, this loungewear set with one stripe is the ideal go-to for a subtle but statement look this summer.

Stripes are a statement look this SS18 and you can be guaranteed the perfect statement look if the one stripe loungewear set is something that you would be interested in. Easy to style, this loungewear set with one stripe can make a super off duty look when its paired with some fresh trainers and your summer shades. So if you need to make a run to the shop over summer and don’t want to look out of style then the women’s loungewear tracksuits at femmeluxe finery will certainly have you covered for a relaxed off duty summer look.


Women’s loungewear sets

When it comes to in style loungewear sets featuring that luxe stripe trend we all know the number one place to be is at femme luxe. Whether you want a full tracksuit, a cropped ensemble or just something to kick back in, the striped loungewear sets at femme luxe are every girl must have over the summer of 2018. Women’s loungewear tracksuits play a big part in the styling of SS18 and with many striped sets being featured on the femme luxe page its only a matter of time until you find one your totally in love with. With many different varieties from loungewear sets with one stripe, loungewear sets with two stripes and loungewear sets with panels, you can be certain that your summer look can be found right here at femme luxe.

Designer loungewear styles are so in and with many designer inspired trends being found at femmeluxefinery this season you just cannot afford to miss out. Designer inspired loungewear sets are slaying the stripe trend so when it comes to a designer loungewear set with multiple stripes; nothing beats sets such as the Camo Stripe Detail Loungewear Set or the Black Cropped Triple Stripe Loungewear Set. When it comes to staying in demand the signature red and green stripe is one that we all know and love, so when this triple stripe loungewear set is on luxe black fabric all attention Is on you. This look from the black cropped triple stripe loungewear set is one that will easily guide you through off duty days with no questions asked and when it comes to the more experimental of the two, the Camo side stripe loungewear set, you’re easily reassured that you don’t need to worry about mixing other prints with stripes. While this khaki Camo is perfectly matched with the red and green side stripe detailing, its living evidence that stripes work perfectly with other prints so when you want to make your perfect outfit. When it comes to styling either of these sets, again trainers are your easy bet for an off duty day and a khaki cap would really bring a badass vibe to the Camo striped loungewear.

The black cropped triple stripe loungewear set is a slightly more versatile look as when teamed up with some Perspex barely there’s, you can still have a chic look for a few cheeky drinks with your girls over the summer, this swiftly brings us on to our next type of striped loungewear that is also an amazingly versatile look for many occasions. When it comes to jumpsuits we all know they scream summer so why not up the game in a comfortable loungewear style of jumpsuit featuring striped detail. The Red Stripe Detail Lounge Jumpsuit is the perfect way to introduce a little summer into your look whether it’s for a day at home or whether it’s a quick catch up or friendly get together, this striped loungewear set is ideal for SS18. With a Bardot design and slim fit arms and legs, alongside a stripe detailed trim and drawstring waist what is there that is not to love about this chic little striped loungewear jumpsuit. Loungewear jumpsuits that have the in demand stripe detailing of this season are simply a must have, whether it’s for a quick coffee date or under a classic waterfall duster coat with some barely there’s for a super slinky, but comfortable look to wear about town.

Women’s loungewear is a key styling pint for summer 2018 and with a wide variety of striped loungewear available, you just can’t go wrong. I mean, styling stripes with comfort is a winning situation all round when it comes to these summers demands. You don’t need to abandon the comfort of your couch chills just to have a quick run around and in the end; some of the striped loungewear at femmeluxefinery can end up making its way into your fave collection for off-duty days or relaxed vibes in your day to day clothing.

With celebs such as the Hadid sisters rocking stripes on their loungewear sets, whether it’s in a more subtle approach like Gigi with her baby pink loungewear with minor black stripe detailing or you opt for the classic triple stripe like Bella, you can guarantee it’s a winning look with these two sporting it.

If that doesn’t convince you that stripes are in then let’s have a look at style icon Rihanna. Having the attention of young girls since the 00’s , Rihanna is the queen of prints when it comes to taking amazing fashion risks that always pay off. With Rihanna herself sporting the loungewear prints out in public why can’t you rock the look? Take your summer styling from these three queens of fashion this season with your stripe detail loungewear found at femmeluxefinery.

como loungewear

Designer loungewear

Now, designer loungewear is a whole new topic, with Women’s luxury loungewear in the UK being at an all time need, you can guarantee that with the wide collection of striped loungewear at femme luxe you can be certain that no matter which striped set may be your favourite, you can easily make a luxe look from it with ease.

Whether it’s a classic paneled loungewear set such as the White stripe Loungewear set or something a little more casual like the black and wine cropped tracksuit. These amazing panel striped loungewear sets are all a girl needs this summer with your classic trainers and cap.

Luxury loungewear fashion across the UK is one thing that any girl I know could not live without. With the best styles in the stripe trend being available direct from femmeluxefinery, no matter what the situation you can be sure of saying it right in stripes. From a more feminine outfit you could always opt for something along the lines of the Black Frill Shoulder Loungewear tracksuit, with its intense stripe detailing down the side standing out against the luxury black fabric, along with the feminine shoulder frills, you can be certain that this style loungewear is one that not only girls you that girl boss attitude but also makes you look hot AF for summer get togethers or friends parties when paired with some heeled boots. Women’s loungewear tracksuits, whether giving off the ultimate feminine vibe or being sheer attitude winners, femme luxe have it all and with all the best women's loungewear brands lacking in the stripe detailing of the season , why go anywhere else. No matter what loungewear styles you may be after this summer, say it right in the loungewear with stripe detailing at femmeluxefinery.

So , remember girls, whether it’s a loungewear set with one stripe, a loungewear set with two stripes, multi stripe loungewear sets or a panel stripe loungewear set, femme luxe has it all direct to you!

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