Satin looks for summer

Hi guys, I’m back with a super sleek styling technique that is sure to blow up this season and keep you looking LIT no matter what. When it comes to the latest in demand look for summer, silky satin is topping the leader board with more recorded celeb and blogger styling than ever before. From the red carpet to your fave insta blog, satin is simply storming ahead of rest when it comes to in demand styles and looks for many occasions.

This summer, whether you have your day to day working routine, a new hot date, dinner reservations, or just want to level up your style game, there is nothing that the perfect cheap satin trend cannot complete and work with for you. Below are some of the hottest tips and tricks of styling satin into your next big go-to.


In the office

When it comes to incorporating your work and home life with your latest discovered fashion trend, you sometimes can face a real nightmare. However, this is not the case anymore. With the luxe satin styles at your new to be favourite online clothing store, femmeluxefinery, you can find a new classy way to introduce satin into your work attire. With a complete new take on the professional look, items like the black satin shirt bodysuit are perfect paired with your usual office wear as not only is it comfortable and sleek, there is no fear of awkward un-tucks or bundles. A cheap satin bodysuit with a good quality cut is the ideal way to bring this style into the workplace while killing the latest trends this summer, however we wouldn’t go overboard with the colour schemes here; for example, a bold red may be a little strong for a workplace environment!

Date night

Now we all now, depending on the type of girl you are or the type of man you’ve got, date night can be veryyyy different from one couple to the next, meaning how you style your satin depends on a few key things.  That’s why this date night edition is going to be split between paragraphs, covering first dates and dates of those a little more comfortable with their lover.


First dates

Keep in mind that on a first date a girls biggest power is how she presents herself, first impressions are everything ladies, and thats where the hot range of satin styling tips from femme luxe is needed most. We all know you absolutely want to knock them dead with sex appeal but remember, you are a lady, and on a first date...the power is all yours. For the perfect touch of satin to add that reserved yet lustful look to your first date outfit this summer, we would suggest one of three things. If you’re going to a late night dinner reservation / local bar or anticipate for a few after meal drinks then the satin ruched sleeves wrap top. With a variety of colours (Wine being out favourite) this elegant yet accident proof top is the ideal go to if you want to keep your modesty on a fairly boozy first date.

For a more afternoon time first date such as a lunch and coffee, or maybe cinema journey, you want a look that’s not too in-your-face bold, but rather subtle statement, something a little too dressy for day to day wear but informal enough still that it’s not a onetime use for the new satin top. After asking around we have our fave satin suggestion for any girl finding themselves in this situation. When it comes to a mid afternoon date, it can be tricky to incorporate the latest fashion fads without looking overly dressy, especially if a satin shirt or maybe even some luxe silky satin trousers. After performing an investigation into what your thoughts are on satin for an afternoon date our most popular result ended in two products depending on weather conditions. As we’re talking about satin summer styling, the perfect option for this time of year would be the elegant satin front twist detail top. With its slightly cropped length on the front due to the twisting detail, this cheap satin top is fantastic with your usual relaxing jeans, and versatile enough to be worn with PU leggings when hitting up the club if you find yourself successful that evening.



The comfortable date

Now we move on to the comfortable side of dating. Were all guilty of it girls, we begin to get overly comfortable once we have found our prince charming and the effort levels begin to drop. Now you really can have the best of both worlds, having your man falling over you with your new found boost of satin style yet also does only require a minimal effort for the last minute rush of getting ready.

Whether you’re out as a family or spending some alone time away without the kids, a bit of glam on an otherwise normal occasion can really help to liven and rejuvenate your once flaming hot relationship. If it’s a family occasion then the perfect bit of satin to begin your eye catching new look doesn’t have to be crazy. Sticking with the shirt look you can get the perfect element of class from the satin bow tie shirt. With a high neck and long sleeves combined with the thin floating satin fabric you can be sure you’re still grown up and family prepared while rocking a new jaw dropping look for date. Whether your an expecting / mummy or happily married, in a long term or friendly relationship this is certainly the satin shirt for you and with its flowing style it really does not matter on size.

If this dating occasion is the needed alone time or even still an early stages date but you’re pretty comfortable with your other half, then this satin playsuit is sure to help you truly captivate anyone surrounding you. The stripe satin plunge shirt bodysuits are a seasonal must have when it comes to your date night wardrobe. With its risqué plunging neckline you can be sure to have the right amount of sass and sexiness to an otherwise cute and multi- occasion use satin bodysuit.


Dining like royalty.

The new satin trend that’s taking this world by storm has also been spotted on some of the most loved royalty throughout the years and well girls, if it’s good enough for princesses and queens, dames and duchesses, there must be something right about satin this season.

With many options available and now that the winter is over and plans are forming again, the best way to strut your stuff in satin this SS18 is obviously a dinner reservation. Showing up in style, dining like royalty and definitely leaving an impression on your girlfriends minds with the ahead of trend style you’ll be sporting. With many options available such as a floral satin plunge bodysuit for that luxe sophisticated styling or whether your want to knock then dead in a sexy little satin wrap dress, you can be sure of one thing, you’ll never be ‘out-of-style’! Paired up with a waterfall duster coat and some classic barely there heels, you can stick with that glass slipper vibe because you really are a princess ready fashionista in the satin style.


The satin statement.

Much like the slogan trend that hit hard towards the end of last year, satin does not look like it’s going to be leaving us any time soon. With our fave tips and suggestions of the dos and don’ts of satin, and many more specific satin updates on the way you can be sure that this season you simply cannot go wrong with the most loved continuous trend that the UK has seen. With satin featuring in almost every shop window you can be sure that this bestselling fashion store online has you covered with a quick and easy shopping experience that’s guaranteed to help you fall in love with the sensuous satin that’s on the rise.

With the much loved wrap dresses and satin floral bodysuits you can be sure that this season making a statement is no less than totally necessary in the eyes of our celeb inspiration and blogger worthy looks. Keep yourself in demand with ease when it comes to the satin styles of summer that are brought to you exclusively by femmeluxefinery. Be sure to stay updated on this weeks following blogs and you too can slay the satin trend regardless of your age or style. With the elegance of a satin look that keeps you effortlessly chic you’ll never be out of demand.

That’s it for today’s addition to the femme luxe blog, now you know what occasions are demanding that satin styling why not tag us in some of your own outfit creations?

Alternatively stay tuned for our latest styling tips and tricks with the silky soft satin trend and just how it can work for you...