2017 & 2018 rising trend: black lace bralette and crop top

Bralette and crop top trend is getting widespread among women these days. Bralettes have made the old thought about bras being lingerie and underwear only, vanishes and we can see that they're easily worn as fancy clothes by women of all ages. Those brave ladies which have nothing to hide can easily wear their bras (bralettes and crop tops) as normal outfits and match them to their other clothes. It was obvious from the first days of 2017, that we would have a lucky year of fashion on last year which continued to 2018 too. Why lucky? Because it was leading us to this new trend "bralets and crop tops" that are extremely cool, stylish and comfortable in the same time. Getting under the V-neck jumpers of winter and cool t-shirts of summer, lace bralettes, are not only giving a sexier look to anyone wearing them, but also they can make you look much more modern and stylish. This eye-catching trend is going on in 2018 as well as last season, but this time a bit different than before. Some differences in colours and fabric (black and lace are taking the flag in hand) will be seen and in their combination with other pieces. So do you want to know the details of these differences? Come along and read this article to its end…


How to style up black lace bralettes and crop tops


Bralette is a brilliant choice for any type of clothing to match with either your sportive gym look or special occasion and parties. But of course it can lead to a huge disappointment if you fail in combining it with the right pieces (some disappointing situation even worse than knowing that  Johnny Depp has been nominated for the 2018 Oscar's golden raspberry awards!) so for not getting into such trouble, come down and read the combination and styling up rules with me:

 black lace bralette

The model

Bralettes come in different styles and models, that choosing which one to wear is playing one of the most important rules in combining them with your other clothes. For example you wouldn't like to wear a mesh bralette or crop top under a mesh dress right? It's actually meaningless! So you can imagine how funny and meaningless would be a bad combination even not as exaggerated as this one! So you should really be careful about what you wear…

Also bralettes for winter and bralettes for summer are a little bit different from each other, so you should know which one to choose for which season or location. And of course there's this size issue that always can lead to a fashion disaster not using it correctly. Finding the best size for you easy actually, you just need to try on different sizes and different styles of it to find your own best piece. Combining different models of bralette right, doesn't need a phenomenal fashion talent and you just have to know which model is best for winter (even this one doesn't need any super knowledge, you can just take a look at the winter collections!) and then wear the winter collection pieces with your jumpers, jackets and coats and wear the summer collections with your t-shirts or by their own! Let me show you some examples: look at these three models… Although that black lace crop top is a between collection (summer and winter), but you can use them all perfectly with shorts, knee high boots and your long waterfall coat, and so, look amazing. There's this exception that you can wear summer collections in some winter parties but winter collection can't be used in a summer pool party! But a sequin bralet (by the way, sequins are veryyyy trendy this season) would be a perfect choice for both summer and winter parties, especially the ones that are at night.

crop top


Be careful with the "too comfortable situations"

Bralettes and crop tops are famous for their comfortable attitude! But you must be careful not to exaggerate it! Let me explain it better; some people think that being comfortable means being down-the-heels! But being comfortable is definitely different from not caring about what you wear… Even a trendy piece like a harness bralet can look frumpish if you wear it with some old and out-dated ratty clothes!  So not passing the borders of comfort and hand-me-down should be your first priority in dressing up with comfortable clothes like bralettes and crop tops.  But if you keep on limits and do make a comfy but stylish combination, there would be nothing trendier than a bralette especially for those of you who are so self-indulgent. Well, if it's okay till here, then let me show you an example of a comfy but stylish combination so that you'll understand me better…  Now get a red bralette top like this one and put it on top of your black and red striped athletic trousers. A black arm striped bomber jacket would be best on this and voilà… You can even go jogging now! But if you don't want to make it too sporty and just want to take the comfort of your bralet, then I recommend you wearing this red bralette crop top with your skinny jeans to have a more modern look.

white bralette top

It's all about the colour!

Just like all other clothes, colour match is the most important factor in styling a bralet too. But again it's not as complicated as other clothes. First of all we have these black bralets and crop tops that you can wear under and on top of annnnnything in this world! But the opposite of this situation is about white bralette top. Unlike what you probably thought, white is not the best option to combine with all colours (remember we're talking about bralets and crop top rules, so don't use this rules for other types of clothing). For example a white bralette won't look so good under a black mesh top or dress! Definitely there are exceptions and you can find some perfect matches of these colors in fashion world, so it's mostly about the colour and the style together, but here I'm talking about the general ideas. So for white crop top and bralets, the best colour and the best fabric matched is for sure "jean".  It can be styled up to make you cool, sexy, sportive and all other styles. You may just wish for it…

harness bralet

 As talking about the colours, we can't dodge one of the most used and most hard to match colours, red! This warm, sexy and attractive colour can make you look really elegant, while misusing it can give a cheap look to you. And it's the same about bralettes too. A red lace bralette top would be really nice under a black blazer if you're going to put it on without a jumper or shirt, but if you're going to set it up with a jumper, then try a cream coloured one with a wide open neck.

Matching colours, size and styles has always been some kind of actual art in my eyes… you should have a very good taste at fashion and do it with passion… so take a picture of your combinations and send them for us or just leave us a comment and share your ideas on styling up a bralette crop top…