14 reasons to wear a harness bralet

In the very past years, bralettes used to be fabricated only as athletic wear and were convenient for athletes, but nowadays this stunning, comfy and trendy piece is being designed and manufactured in many shapes and models for women of different tastes. A much practical and comfortable version of bras, bralettes can be used also as lingerie. But in top of it, bralettes are now used as perfect finishing for your outwear clothing and can turn anybody to a much trendier herself! Among all kinds of bralettes, harness style is a distinguished, nice type of top which can be used easily anywhere, anytime. In this article I'm going to give you 14 reasons to wear a harness bralette instead of normal bras or even other kinds of tops in your special and casual occasions. 

 lace harness bralet

1- No need to hide

You've probably experienced that unpleasant feeling of trying to hide your bra straps under your open neck clothes. On top of being uncomfortable, they can give an untidy look to you and make your fancy gorgeous dress look cheap. But guess what… you don't need to hide a bralette under your clothes! Not only a bralette coming off your top is not an ugly look, but also it's nice and actually so fashionable. The harness can go perfect with a simple solid coloured ragged look top. For example a lace harness bralet like this wine lace harness bralette will be a blinding start for using this kind of women wear, going under this cream oversized distressed sweater.  


2- Trendy, fashionable, stylish

According to its wide variety of styles and models you can easily use any kind of a bralette both as lingerie or a stylish outwear. You can complete your perfect look with a harness bralette always and under any condition. You just have to choose the style right for your top, trousers, skirt, and etc. well; of course we can't deny this fact that for teenagers using these kinds of clothing, it can cause problems with their parents, wearing the more courageous styles. So try to be a little more suave in choosing bralettes for yourself. You can also give a nice décolleté on your legs with matching it to a pair of ripped jean shorts and an open neck oversized t-shirt on your bralette and believe me your look will be much trendier than giving a brave nude show of your chest and belly.

 black lace bralette


3- Easy to match

You can always find an appropriate bralette for your own style and match it with other things you wear. Let me explain it better with an example… let's suppose that you have a black harness top, no matter what size, which depth of décolleté, lace or not and… you can style it up in many different ways according to your own style. Or for example, this black lace extended bralette ; you can wear it with anything you think about. You can stay very modern and sportive with using it as a completion for your white polka dot shirt with high shine vinyl PU trousers, while in another hand you can keep your brilliant feminine and sexy look by wearing it with a black pleated warp over skirt or many other looks and styles.

4- A red carpet style!

These days, celebrities using bralettes much more than before are making a new trend name: celebrity bralet trend. Coming to a brave piece like this, of course the firsts in our list will be Khloe and Kim sisters, and then we see Rihanna rocking around with her black and white tight bralets. The next one in the list is my favorite queen bee, Beyoncé… but it's not just limited to these and you can see that bralettes are taking the control of Hollywood all in hand! Resuming the countdown of our long list, I can mention to some other names like our little Arianna, Pixie Lott, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Kendal Jenner,  Katy Perry and so on… so as you see, it looks like the only ones who haven't tried a bralette at Hollywood yet are Zayn and Ed Sheeran!  ;-)


5- Attractive

Bralettes are very sexy and attractive because of their simple, comfy and nude look. So you can use them as a remote for turning men on! Wear a lace bralette and watch your partner getting chuffed about your new look.


6- Piece of cake

You know those who are always in their comfort zone and never let anything bother them? Or maybe you are one of these people. Well, if yes, bralette is the best choice for you then! According to its easy usage, comfortable shape and no-matter-to-be-seen form under your neckline, it's suitable for you and you can wear it under any condition with no worry.


7- Cool for the summer

In the warm days of summer or spring, it's won't make you sweat like normal bras. Do you remember that itchy feeling when you wear your bra on warm days? I, myself prefer to look all down-at-heels instead of getting that uncomfortable feeling, but well, there's no need to look ragged and shabby any more as we can use bralettes instead of the old bras. A black harness crop top will be the perfect choice for under a white oversized summer t-shirt.

crochet bralette 

8- Freedom

Due to its comfortable shape and not squeezing your breast, you can feel free and move freely in it comparing to a normal bra. So you can wear it for any occasion. It's going to be a nice, comfortable and also stylish choice for an exotic journey, hiking time, camping, Music fests, overnight parties, casual day out and many other occasions. For example this white crochet applique bralette… you can wear it with your white miniskirt or a pair of red frill hem shorts for getting the best look of the music festivals. Or try this red bralette crop top with you athletic leggings and sneakers for a hiking or camping adventure.


9- Magical touch

 Maybe it's the only piece of clothing which can turn anything into a masterpiece! As I said before, you can even wear it with a simple white t-shirt and see the changes it makes. You can turn anything casual to the most modern piece of clothing ever!

 black bralette

10- Special days

bralettes can be used not only on normal, casual days, but also can be worn easily for special occasions like wedding parties, cocktail parties, dinner invitations, anniversaries and many other occasions of more or less importance. A black harness bralet will look perfect with a maxi black and white skirt for your colleague's cocktail or even wedding party! Or this floral fancy black lace bralette would give you an out of this world look with a Black Sparkle Ribbed Bodycon Midi Skirt for a Valentine's Day celebration with your beloved one.


11- open-back problems solved!

Hurray! No need to worry anymore about what to use as a bra while wearing a backless top or dress! You can easily wear a bralette under any open back dress  and get a much tidier and trendier look.

 black crop top


12- Mesh and lace

Wear a black or white extended lace bralette under this rose gold mesh sequin dress and see the magic happens! You probably have some full lace or mesh dresses or tops in your wardrobe which you don't know what to wear it with! You cannot use it with bare body for sure but a bra would not look good in it too! So go get a bralette without hesitation and start wearing your fantastic meshes from now on.


13- LCD chest!

It's kind of an important issue for women with small and barely there boobs for showing their femininity more and feel sexier…  Using bralettes is the best way for doing this, especially using the lace or crochet ones. So go directly to our crop tops and bralettes section and order yourself your favorite ones, if you're a small breasted lady and don't have thousands of these fancy bralettes in your closet already.


14- FemmeLuxeFinery

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Now after this article, wearing normal bras in these situations which we can replace them easily with fancy bralettes looks a little bit hard for us… ;-) Am I right?